Terms and conditions

Rules and Regulations of Margi Apartments

To ensure you have a pleasant stay and avoid any misunderstandings, please familiarize yourself with the following regulations. Acceptance of the reservation is synonymous with having read and accepted these regulations.

1. In our apartments, we value your safety and comfort, which is why we remind you that smoking cigarets or other substances is prohibited inside the premises. However, if you feel like having a cigarette, you can fully enjoy the balcony or terrace (if available). Please note that failure to comply with this rule may result in a contractual penalty of 600 PLN. But don't worry - instead of losing money, it's better to go outside and enjoy the charms of the surrounding area!

2. Check-in starts at 3:00 PM and check-out ends at 11:00 AM so that you have enough time to relax and prepare for your departure.

3. If you don't report any issues during check-in, we will assume that everything is in order and ready to use! Our apartment is prepared with your comfort and convenience in mind, and our staff is always ready to help if needed. So don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues.

4. We sincerely hope you'll have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in our apartment. Please be aware that the number of guests staying in the apartment must not exceed the number specified at the time of booking. Regrettably, any violation of this policy will result in a contractual penalty of 900 PLN.

5. We want your stay here to be full of relaxation, rest, and good vibes. To make this happen, we kindly ask you to respect our neighbors and maintain a calm environment. Our place is already so cool that you don't need noise to have a good time! In case of non-compliance with this request, we reserve the right to immediately evict you from the apartment or notify the police.

6. We kindly ask you to observe the quiet hours from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM. This way, each of our guests and neighbors will be able to relax and recharge for the next day.

7. Our apartments are perfect for a peaceful stay. No parties allowed. In the event of a violation of this rule, our guests will be required to pay a penalty of 2000 PLN. We hope you understand that our priorities are peace, relaxation, and a high standard of stay.

8. In case of any damage, please inform the Margi Apartments staff immediately after its detection.

9. We care about the safety of our guests, so we kindly ask for responsible use of the remote control for the garage gate (for apartments with "private parking" option). In case of loss, please notify our staff immediately, and the cost of replacement will be covered by the guest.

10. Rearranging furniture and household appliances/electronics is strictly prohibited. In case of any damages resulting from violating this rule, the guest will be responsible for covering the costs of repair or replacement. Thank you for your understanding and complying with this rule :)

11. We love welcoming guests with their furry friends! So, if you plan to come with your pet, please let us know in advance when making your reservation.

12. A fee is charged for the stay of a pet.

13. Pets are welcome, but please be responsible for any damages. Costs for repairs or replacements due to pet-related damage will be charged to the pet owner. Thank you for your understanding.

14. If you've forgotten something in the apartment, just give us a shout, and we'll send your stuff to the address you provide, with the shipping cost on your tab. But remember, we keep lost items for just 21 days. After that, we'll follow the lost and found rules. So, take a good look around before you go :)

15. We've got one important rule when it comes to fire safety in our apartment: please refrain from using any electrical or gas-powered appliances that aren't part of our standard equipment. This includes things like electric heaters, radiators, or gas burners – they're a no-go. Using candles is also not allowed. Safety first!

16. When leaving our apartment, make sure that the doors are locked. Please note that it is prohibited to remove any items belonging to the apartment, such as towels, blankets, pillows, devices, and many others. We kindly ask you to take proper care of our property. Additionally, remember to turn off unnecessary lighting and close the taps to avoid wasting energy and water. Thank you!

17. Margi Apartments reserves the right to collect a security deposit before handing over the apartment. The deposit will be refunded after inspecting the apartment, within 2 business days. Upon entering the apartment, we invite you to review its condition and report any possible issues. We are aware of the initial state of our apartments, and, of course, we do not charge guests for the existing condition.

18. If an unforeseen event occurs and something is damaged in our apartment, do not worry! We are here to help and solve the problem. However, please note that the guests are responsible for the cost of repairs. We hope that nothing like this happens and your stay with us will be full of joy and wonderful memories!

19. The rented apartment must be left in the same condition as it was on the day of check-in. We also kindly ask you to wash the dishes - it's no problem, right? :)

20. Although we will always be sad when our guests have to leave early, unfortunately, we cannot refund the cost of the unused stay due to circumstances beyond our control.

21. Within 7 days of check-out, we will send an invoice by registered mail or electronically if you let us know before check-in :)

22. Photos and videos of our apartment on internet portals and social media are great, but we need to know about it and give permission. Just ask us for permission. After all, we want you to feel free, but at the same time, we value privacy. See you on Instagram!